Recent Updates

October 21, 2005

Hopefully everyone's enjoying our nice clear water and stocking up on lobster! Today we worked on the 2006 schedules for... you name it! Check out next year's dates for our Open Water, Advanced, and Rescue courses as well as the 2006 Boat Trips.

August 19, 2005

Links have been updated, the weather pages have been beefed up a bit, and we've added info on the upcoming Philippines trip! Enjoy!


Past Updates...

There are now a few more descriptions of some of the Specialty Classes we offer. We've also introduced some new pages to the Links section. Specifically, we've added a comprehensive weather page for San Luis Obispo County and the Northern Channel Islands. Please click on over and check them out. Afterwards, let us know what you think! We've added a Calendar of Events. We'll add events to it as they pop up! We've also added an information request form for those of you with inquiring minds. Finally, we included a little bit of information about the new Aqua Lung Legendary Savings Rebate offer.

Powerline Airway Ribbed Hose Replacement

Aqua Lung has received reports that some of the ribbed hoses (p/n 15740) on the Powerline Airway have been tearing at the top near the dual exhaust valve. Click here for a PDF with complete information.

Recreational Dive Planners Recalled

PADI is recalling six versions of the RDP used for calculating dive profiles. Errors by the printer caused inaccurate or missing numbers on these tables. The risk of injury from these errors is remote and no injuries have been reported. For more information, please visit PADI to make sure your table is okay.

The Spearfishing Update...

Since they have an uncanny ability to change themselves quickly, please visit this page on the Fish & Game website for the latest regulations.

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