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June 25-26th, 2010 on the Truth(hunting Trip)

Twenty or so years ago Truth Aquatics started building their dive boats from the waterline up. These boats were designed and built for California divers. Unlike many boats that have been built for other industries or for other diving markets these boats were made for diving the Channel Islands. With comforts such as roomy decks, bunks, hot showers, incredible food, and a great crew, this is sure to be a wonderful trip for all divers and non-divers alike.

Over the trip the schedule is loose and convenient affording as much or as little bottom time as you would like. Gates typically open at seven in the morning and the boat will make many moves throughout the day. There are three meals scheduled daily with snacks and beverages available all day long. All the food is included in the price of the trip and eating this well prepared menu is worth the price of admission alone. If you did not get enough diving in during the day, there will also be a night dive. For those who prefer stargazing and sharing a story or two over desert, there is not a better beachfront table to sit at on the West coast. One of the many advantages of diving in this live-a-board fashion is that you get to pick and choose your dives, gain experience due to repetition, and experience proper dive planning. Not only will the diving be great, the time shared with diving companions will be sure to make some new dive buddies for future trips. If diving is not your main enthusiasm try bringing along a kayak, book or fishing pole and enjoy the other wonders that the Channel Islands has to offer.

August 7- 8, 2010, aboard the Dive Boat Peace

This trip is scheduled for a venture to Catalina and Santa Barbara Island. The first day is scheduled to dive the frontside of Catalina where we will anchor up for the night in Avalon harbor. If you choose you may take a shore boat to Avalon and have dinner in down or just go out and explore Avalon at night. Day two takes you to Santa Barbara Island where you will have the chance to dive the famous Sealion rookery. Always a great time diving with these incredible pinnepeds, you will sure to get a up close encounter with these puppy's of the sea.

October 7 -9, 2010, Lobster 3-Day (Conception)

This is your chance at early season lobster grabbing. SLO Ocean Currents has acquired this early season trip that has produced bugs of up to 365 total for a 3-day trip. Not every year is 365 but on the average over 8 years, SLO Ocean Currents has caught 200+ lobster per trip. Lobster grabbing isn't the only reason to participate in this trip, as October is without a doubt the best time of year to be diving. Just let all the crazed lobster divers jump in the water first and it's like having your own private vessel. Early sign-ups are a must as this trip fills very early.

Memorial Day in Avalon Catalina, May 22 - 24th 2010

Join us as we kick off the start of the summer dive season with our 14th annual trip to Catalina. We will start our travels to Avalon via the Catalina Express where we will spend Three nights at the Atwater Hotel, One day of diving on the King Neptune, and one day of diving at the Casino Dive Park. Dive during the day and see Avalon at night. This trip fills annually so sign up early!


  • Depart Long Beach Friday night.
  • Dive Casino Point on Saturday.
  • Dive The King Neptune on Sunday
  • Return on Monday

Past Trips...

December 3 - 5, 2008, Catalina Island Weekend

We're returning to Avalon once again this December! With just about the easiest (if not also the best) shore diving in California, Catalina just beckons you back again and again. Unlimited shore diving is up to you in and around the Avalon dive park. For those of you who aren't familiar with shore diving at Catalina, not only is there a compressor at the park, there are steps that literally lead into the water. Could it get any easier? Of course, this is if you're still itching to get in the water after the three boat dives we'll do Saturday aboard the King Neptune. Either way, visibility late in the year can be more than 80 feet out at Catalina, so we're sure to have some nice dives. The trip includes the ferry Friday night and Sunday afternoon from San Pedro, two nights at the Hermosa Hotel, and a three tank dive on the King Nepture, all for $249 (p.p.d.o.), a great deal! If you're ready to take the next step after Open Water, we're planning on offering a full Advanced Open Water course over the weekend as well. Give us a call today to sign up!

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