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If you don't see a schedule that fits your needs, we can always do private courses for individuals or groups of all sizes.

2016 AOW Schedule
AOW 2016-01 Adventure dives pick one or all
Lecture: On site prior to to dives    
Ocean: Beach Dive Sunday,Navigation dive plus Search and Recovery 1/17 (8:00A.M. start time)
Ocean: Beach Dive Night Dive 1/19 (8:00A.M. start time)
Boat: Spectre Saturday, Deep, Buoyancy, Naturalist 1/23 (7:00 AM in Ventura)
AOW 2016-02 Adventure dives
Lecture: On site prior to to dives    
Ocean:Beach Dive Saturday Buoyancy 2/6 (10:00A.M. start time)
Beach Dive Sunday:Navigation and Search and Recovery 3/6 (7:00A.M. departure)
Boat Dive Spectre Saturday: Deep, Fish ID, Peak Performance Buoyancy 3/12 (7:00A.M. departure)
AOW 2016-03 Adventure dives
Ocean: Beach dive Saturday: Navigation, and Search and Recovery 4/2 (8:00A.M. start time)
Boat: Peace Sunday: Deep,Fish ID, Buoyancy 4/17 (6:00A.M. departure)
AOW 2016-04 Adventure Party
Ocean: Local Sunday: Navigation, Search and Recovery 5/1 (8:00A.M. departure)
Ocean: Spectre Dive Boat Saturday Deep, Boat, Fish ID, Buoyancy 5/14 (8:00A.M. start time)
AOW 2016-05
Beach dive: Saturday Navagation, Search and Recovery- small objects 6/5  
Boat: Spectre Saturday: Deep, Buoyancy, Boat diver 6/18 (7:00A.M. departure)
Beach: Monday: Night Dive 6/20  
AOW 2016-06
Beach Dive Navigation, Search and Recovery-Search and Recovery- small objects 7/2  
Boat: Spectre Saturday: Deep, Naturalist-learn about plants and animals, Buoyancy 7/10  
Beach Sunday: Navigation and Search and Recovery- small objects 7/31 (8:00A.M. departure)
AOW 2016-07 Two Day Catalina
Lecture: Catalina Two day Live a aboard    
Boat Peace Friday, Multi Level Computer, Bouyancy, Fish ID 8/5 (12:01 A.M. departure)
Ocean: Saturday: Deep, Boat 8/6 (8:00A.M. start time)
AOW 2013-08
Ocean: Spectre Boat Friday Deep, Bouyancy, Fish ID 9/3 (7:00 AM departure)
Ocean:     (8:00A.M. start time)
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